• General
  • Examination £47.00 10 (mins)
    £67.00 15 (mins)
    New Patient Examination £114.00 Adult
    £47.00 Child
    Examination for transferring Denplan patient £30.00
    Consultation for a problem from £89.00
    Second opinion from £67.00
    X –rays (each) £19.00
    Scale and Polish from £67.00
    Fissure sealants from £47.00
    Mouthguards £123.00 single colour
    £133.00 multicolour
  • Fillings
  • Fillings from £67.00 Small

    from £131.00 Medium

    from £217.00 Large

    Root Fillings from £387.00 Back tooth

    from £260.00 Front tooth

  • Crowns, Inlays and Bridges
  • Crowns £619.00 Porcelain bonded to precious metal

    £666.00 Zirconia all porcelain

    £666.00 EMax all porcelain

    Inlays from £655.00 EMax all porcelain

    from £411.00 Gold

    from £548.00 Composite

    Bridges from £511.00 Porcelain bonded to precious metal per unit

    from £655.00 Zirconia all porcelain per unit

    from £615.00 Adhesive bridge one tooth one wing.

  • Other fees
  • Veneers £541.00
    Dentures from £922.00 Full upper and lower dentures

    from £617.00 Full upper or lower denture

    from £304.00 Partial acrylic denture

    from £730.00 Chrome cobalt denture

    from £469.00 Valplast denture

    Extractions from £67.00 Simple

    from £131.00 Surgical

    Tooth whitening £495.00
    Periodontal Treatment from £132.00 Non surgical periodontal treatment (per quadrant)
    Recalled attendance £160.00 Call out fee plus treatment time
More information on this, and other dental procedures, can be found on the
Dental Guide website.
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