Valplast dentureDentures are removable dental devices that replace missing teeth. They may be full dentures (replacing an entire set) or partial and can be made in a variety of ways.

All our dentures are made with high quality teeth and sculpted natural looking gums.

Acrylic dentures

Most full dentures are made of acrylic and often partial dentures are too.
We use high impact acrylic, which doubles the strength of the material.
They are life like, natural looking and are very versatile. For partial dentures, extra teeth may normally be added easily should the need arise.
Metal clasps may be incorporated in the design, to clip onto teeth and improve the tightness.

Cobalt chrome

A frame or skeleton with clasps is cast in cobalt chrome. The teeth are then built onto the framework with acrylic to give a natural appearance.
The dentures tend to be more light weight, cover less of the palate and have a tighter fit. They may also be healthier for the gums.
The material is very strong and can therefore be used in thin sections.
A cobalt chrome palate may be used in a full denture to reduce the bulk in this area and because it effectively conducts temperature change, may feel more natural.
Teeth may only sometimes be added to these dentures.


This is a relatively new innovation in dentures.
An elastic nylon based material creates a flexible and light weight denture. They may have excellent tightness and natural appearance due to their gum coloured almost invisible clasps.
They are best suited to mouths that are particularly well cared for and do not lend themselves to the addition of teeth.