ServicesWe aim to provide a wide range of services.

Our clinicians undergo continual training to develop their knowledge and skills to enable us to bring our patients up to date quality treatment. Mark Moran has recently gained a certificate in aesthetic dentistry.

Examinations form the foundations on which treatments are performed. A sound understanding of any problems, a diagnosis and an agreed treatment plan are all required for successful treatment to be undertaken.

Our hygienists’ primary role is prevention. As a preventive practice, we value the essential part they play and their invaluable contribution. We have hygienist sessions available on every day of the week for maximum convenience.

If we start with the right care for our children’s teeth we can help to prevent the development of problems later in life. With gentle considerate care, trust can be developed and a visit to the dentist may even become fun!

Conservative Dentistry

With the development of adhesive white fillings, teeth can often be repaired, rather than having all of an older filling removed. Worn teeth may have white filling directly glued onto their surfaces, whilst broken teeth may often be rebuilt by hand.
Silver fillings still have a role to play and when carefully sculpted to the shape of the tooth, can perform for years to come.
By spending time in placing fillings, we can help to avoid some of the problems associated with new fillings – high spots, gaps between the teeth to trap food and ledges between teeth that catch floss!

Dental ceramics now offer us even stronger and more natural looking porcelains that may be used in crowns and some bridges without the use of metal. Zirconium oxide crowns are currently our metal free crowns of choice. Together with porcelain bonded to metal and gold, we are able to provide a range of crown and bridge solutions.

Cosmetic dentistry involves making our dentistry look natural and in some cases, improving dental appearance and smiles. Tooth bleaching is a safe way to lighten natural teeth and often is all that is required. Porcelain veneers can offer an effective way of masking heavily discoloured teeth or correcting gaps and irregularities.

Restorative Dentistry

Badly broken, often painful or infected teeth may only be rescued with successful endodontics (root fillings). Modern technology means we can treat teeth more effectively and comfortably than ever before. So having an abscess does not necessarily mean that a tooth will need to be extracted.

We are able to offer a range of dentures from acrylic to cobalt chrome, to the flexible and light weight Valplast. With the help of our skilled technician we are able to make teeth and gums look natural and realistic.

Surgery sometimes becomes necessary when we need to have a tooth removed. Fortunately extractions are becoming less frequent in our practice but are still sometimes required before a brace is fitted.