Fees are based on an hourly rate plus the cost of any laboratory work, for example dentures or crowns.

Payment for treatment will be required at the time it is given. A deposit of £50 is requested from all new patients.

Patients on Denplan pay a fixed monthly fee.

Examination 10 mins
15 mins
New Patient Examination Adult 
Examination for transferring Denplan patient £30.00
Consultation for a problem from £84.00
Second opinion from £59.00
X –rays (each) £18.00
Scale and Polish from £63.00
Fissure sealants from £44.00
Mouthguards single colour
Fillings small



from £63.00
from £127.00
from £206.00
Root Fillings Back tooth

Front tooth

from £384.00
from £216.00
Crowns Porcelain bonded to precious metal

Zirconia all porcelain

EMax all porcelain




Inlays EMax all porcelain



from £616.00
from £388.00 
from £521.00
Bridges Porcelain bonded to precious metal per unit

Zirconia all porcelain per unit 

Adhesive bridge, one tooth, one wing

from £487.00

from £617.00

from £583.00

Veneers £514.00
Dentures Full upper and lower dentures

Full upper or lower denture

Partial acrylic denture

Chrome cobalt denture

Valplast denture

from £877.00

from £586.00

from £294.00

from £694.00

from £446.00

Exractions Simple


from £63.00

from £127.00

Tooth whitening £470.00
Periodontal Treatment Non surgical periodontal treatment (per quadrant) from £125.00
Recalled attendance Call out fee plus treatment time £123.00

All prices are quoted as a guide. Individual treatment plans are made for each patient and estimates produced after consultation.

A charge will be made for failed appointments or appointments cancelled with less then 24 hours notice.l